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Mujeres de Acción is a grassroots organization in San Luis Obispo County, California working to educate, empower, and lead the Latino community since 2014. Founded by Paso Robles resident Yessenia Echevarria, the organization has taken the lead in COVID-19 support, breast cancer awareness, cultural engagement, and more. Get in touch with us today to partner with us on your next event.

We’ve been featured in media outlets including the Paso Robles Daily News, SLO Tribune, and KSBY. Click the links below to read more and stay tuned as we keep making news.

Healthcare and Breast Cancer

Since 2014, Mujeres de Acción has organized events to bring awareness to available resources to fight breast cancer and address health resources.

Cultural Awareness

Many Latinos call North San Luis Obispo County their home and have brought their culture from their home country. Mujeres de Acción hosts cultural events to bring the community together to create fun and excitement.

Civic Engagement

Latinos are a critical voting bloc and foundation of the North SLO County community. Mujeres de Acción engages with Latino families and citizens to address ongoing issues.

Georgia Brown School Closure, Various: In 2020, the Paso Robles Joint Unified School District (PRJUSD) proposed closing Georgia Brown, an elementary school in a majority-minority Paso Robles neighborhood. Acknowledging its potential harms to the community, Mujeres de Acción partnered with Paso People’s Action to advocate for the school’s continued operation and uncovered issues of systemic racism in the process.

COVID-19 Pandemic: In 2020, the COVID-19 pandemic impacted the Paso Robles community. Latinx communities were impacted in particular and Mujeres de Acción went to work to ensure support was provided.

Civic Engagement: Mujeres de Acción supports women in their fight for civil rights while encouraging citizens to exercise their political capital.